Welcome to Change Starts Today, where committed people come to live extraordinary lives and achieve life changing results.

Our signature program is the “Change Starts Today Program”

 This program is for the person committed to a live a life by design instead of by default. If you think you can pursue your passion as your profession, if you have dreamt of living a healthy, happy and abundant life, if you think you deserve quality relationships, then this program is for you!

In the Change Starts Today Coaching Program you will learn lessons and techniques that will change your life forever. Once you learn these powerful techniques, we will teach you how to apply them to your life in a sustainable and consistent way.

What makes us different?

We have all attended amazing workshops, Tele-classes, and seminars that had us walking on air for days after we attended, if were lucky weeks or maybe months. This is not that program, at Change Starts Today we promise to show you how to be consistent and achieve lasting results. It is our goal to make this the last coaching program you will ever need!

 Information alone is not enough. It must be applied and put into practice. Our coaches are there to show you how to navigate the challenges of business and life, while providing support, insight and accountability.

Our coaches have been trained and certified in the “Change Starts Today” proven system, which provides life changing results.

The Change Starts Today Program

Whether you are planning to start a business, increase sales, find balance in your life, or simply want to make a change in the way you manage your life, the “Change Starts Today Coaching Program” is designed to help you achieve it.

When you join the Change Starts Today Coaching Program, you will become part of community of people striving to live extraordinary lives and pursuing their passions.

Program Features


12 months of daily coaching

  • Daily assignments and exercises
  • Daily Accountability calls with coaching partner
  • Weekly one hour calls with you coach and group
  • Daily Inspirational quotes and success stories
  • Access to other coaches


Monthly live Tele-Classes with our coaches and expert interviews

  • Here about real life examples in action
  • Learn strategies from experts that have achieved success
  • Open group talks and discussions on assignments and exercises
  • Access to additional training and sessions


Subscription to Change Starts Today monthly newsletter

  • Success stories of coaches chronicled
  • Winner of Fitness contest published
  • Hottest trends and techniques in the world of business
  • Technology updates that simplifies life
  • Interviews with leading experts and coaches


Access to our member’s only website section

  • Exclusive access to our digital library, full of recorded coaching calls, expert interviews, pod casts, and much more …
  • Mastermind forums that allow you to chat with other members, network and grow your success circle
  • Collection of exercises, inspirational material and discounted books and tapes
  • Special offers and discount to Weekend programs, Courses, Coaching Programs and materials


This program is possibly one of the most important and significant investments you will ever make in your life.  For the equivalent of a club membership, or a few fancy dinners out a month you can invest in your future.  Life is for Living, here is your chance to make your dreams become a reality.