Change your life in 90 Days Challenge

Change Starts Today Fitness Challenge


Congratulations on taking the first step to changing your life!

The Change your life in 90 days challenge is designed to give you the tools necessary to live extraordinary lives.  After 90 Days you will be on your way to changing your life forever, leaving your old habits behind and forming new ones.

This challenge is more than a fitness contest.  Physical appearance will be one of several areas that you will be judged on.  Each participant will submit a letter summarizing what they want to accomplish in the next 90 Days in all areas of their life.  A second letter will be written documenting your journey at the end of the 90 days.  This could be a video and essay we encourage you to be creative.  We also recommend you sign up as teams of two or four.  Accountability is a big part of coaching therefore your partner or team will count in your overall score.  So it’s not only how you do, its how your team does as well. Each player is to contribute $250.00 that will go towards the cash prizes awarded after each quarter.  If we have just a 100 players enter in a challenge the cash prizes will be $25,000.00. The 90 days is structured in a way that it will impact your life forever, so get ready.

Finally you will be judged by your peers and coaches from Change Starts  Results will be audited by an accounting firm for accuracy to maintain the integrity of the game.

Get in the Game of life sign up for the Change Starts Today Challenge!

Program Features


  1. Each person must submit before and after pictures (Authenticated).
  2. Each person is assigned to a group of four and an accountability partner.
  3. Each Person must sign a personal contract, committing him or herself to the process.
  4. Each group will pick a team name.
  5. The group will post weekly updates and pictures on our exclusive social media groups.
  6. Each player contributes $250.00 as an entry fee which goes towards the cash prize.
  7. Partners have daily calls and ongoing contact through social apps for continued support.
  8. Once a week the team has group calls, guided by a CST certified coach.



Each challenge will have its own cash prize. Entry fee will be $250.00 from each player. Entry fees will go into the pool and at the end of 90 Days there will be an online vote on the most extraordinary group.  First, second and third place prizes will be awarded.


The Change Starts Today Challenge will start on May 1st and Nov. 1st each year. So get ready!