No More Business as Usual!

Change Starts Today Executive Coaching Program


 The Change Starts Today Executive Coaching Program can help you in any stage of your career.  Whether you are young salesman just starting out, an experienced manager, busy executive, or business owner this program is designed to help you maximize your performance.  The Change Starts Today Executive Coaching Program will help you create processes and systems that will allow you to get the most out of your skills and talents. You will see results after the first call that will change the way you look at your job and life.

In companies and organizations all around the world there are people searching for techniques and systems to help them achieve high levels of success.  They are consistently looking for ways to improve.

The Change Starts Today Executive Coaching Program has developed a proven system that will take your career to the next level. What ever you desire to achieve we will help you accomplish it.  If you can conceive it, we will help you achieve it.

 In a recent online survey done by Change Starts we discovered that the majority of people that were asked if they were doing what they wanted to do for a living, responded, “Not yet”.

Today is the day you take the first step to finding out what your destiny is. The Change Starts Today Executive Coaching Program is such important program because it will put your profession in alignment with who you are as a person.  It’s been said when you constantly struggle with something it the world telling you to go in another direction. There is a big difference between persevering at something and just getting through it. Unfortunately most of us are just getting through our jobs.

The First step in getting started with this program is a free 30 minute call with one of the founders of Change Starts Today.  This first call with the founders is the most powerful call. It will open your eyes to whether or not you are in the right business or job in the first place. This program is not for those who are not committed to achieving life changing results. This call will put you on the path to success and most importantly peace and happiness.

Program Features


Business Basics

  • Develop a daily business plan
  • Define your market
  • Define success
  • Implement The Change Starts Today systems and processes
  • Set goals and benchmarks
  • Workplace assessment
  • Talent and Skill level assessment
  • Progress reports


Daily Coaching

  • Daily assignments and exercises
  • Daily Accountability calls with coaching partner
  • Weekly one hour calls with you coach and group
  • Daily Inspirational quotes and success stories
  • Access to other coaches


TELE-CLASSES- Monthly live Tele-Classes with our coaches and expert interviews

  • Here about real life examples in action
  • Learn strategies from experts that have achieved success
  • Open group talks and discussions on assignments and exercises
  • Access to additional trainings and sessions
  • CEO Roundtable calls
  • Best Practices calls


Access to our member’s only website section

  • Exclusive access to our digital library, full of recorded coaching calls, expert interviews, podcasts, and much more …
  • Mastermind forums that allow you to chat with other members, network and grow your success circle
  • Collection of exercises, inspirational material and discounted books and tapes
  • Special offers and discount to Weekend programs, Courses, Coaching Programs and materials


This program is possibly one of the most important and significant investments you will ever make in your life.  For the equivalent of a club membership, or a few fancy dinners out a month you can invest in your future.  Life is for Living, here is your chance to make your dreams become a reality.